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A Revolutionary’s Journey

Through Reality TV, Race,

Religion and Politics.

Will Mega shares his compelling story through what he calls his revolutionary rites of passage beginning as a well-connected freshman at West Chester University where he would become the majority white institution’s first black homecoming king to leading fellow students as an organizer in the Black Student Union.  


His unique combination of experiences as a torn college athlete, an intellect, and activist shaped his character, personality and in-your face politics that would make him the Big Brother housemate that America loved to hate and later, a lead contender for public office. He credits black liberation theology as the spiritual foundation for the fire inside his bones and the compass that continues to guide him through his journey.

Learning Outcomes include

1.  Knowing Thy Self is the compass. 
2. Choosing the right mate for your future.
3. How to leverage your personal, student and political power.
4. Students will better be able to decipher

the portrayal of race in media.

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