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"Will Mega is one of the most gifted speakers, organizers, and motivators that I've ever met. His unique story and powerful vision make him one of the most compelling voices on the scene today."

Kemba Smith

"Will Mega is a standout type of man who wears his passion on his sleeve. For as long as I've known him he has been on the front lines for justice, equality and pushing for the betterment of our people."

Award Winning Journalist. Philadelphia Inquirer & WHYY

"Will Mega stares down the conventional gaze. Whether it’s a political, educational or athletic platform, he communicates the unapologetic language of justice boldly and passionately."

TuRAE Gordon

Professional Comedian & Lead Instructor at Comedy College

"Will Mega has stood as a voice of reason in the community for as long as I can remember. He's lived up to his moniker; being a mega-personality as well as a support system for the community. Will Mega is NECESSARY."

Maisha Sullivan-Ongoza. MSW, M.Ed

Philadelphia PA Chapter Chair of the National Association of Kawada Organizations. National Chair of the Kwanzaa Cooperation

"Will Mega is an engaging, conscious, capable and committed Black man."

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