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Money.  Power.  Respect.

As a freshman at West Chester University, PA Will was clueless about how to manage money. He knew nothing about the power of credit and as a result, He fell victim like many college students to signing a credit card with a high-interest rate and failing to keep up his payments. Fortunately, after ruining his credit, he learned the keys to avoiding credit pitfalls, the rules to establishing good credit and tricks to cleaning up bad credit reports.


The discipline and money management principals Will Mega developed as a result of building good credit transformed his mind and propelled his entrepreneurial spirit into building his first successful LLC. He soon realized how influential people could be in the political world and became a kingmaker.

Learning Outcomes include

1. Students will learn the hidden truth about how black wealth is built and sustained.


2. Students will be able to prevent early money mistakes and learn the power of credit.

3. Students will be able to learn how to use the constitution to their advantage

4.Students will be able to better mobilize voter blocks.

5. Students will be able to gain a better understanding of honor and the recognition of persons worth.

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